Welcome to Outcomes Therapy

Our highly trained and experienced Occupational Therapists will work with with your family to enable your child to overcome their everyday difficulties.

We will examine the difficulties your child is having to identify why these problems are occurring. Occupational Therapists look at all aspects of child development to determine the underlying causes of the difficulties they are having. These areas include, but not limited to:
• Moving around
• Play
• Sensory processing
• Behaviour
• Writing and drawing
• Relating to others
• Managing emotions
• Toilet training
• Paying attention
• Following routines

We then work on these skills with your child, and tailor home programs for you (and other key persons, e.g. siblings, teachers, childcarers, and au pairs), in how to practice these skills more in everyday life, to see more efficient, effective, and positive outcomes.

At Outcomes Therapy, we use a range of methods (play-based session, skills training, and mind and body exercise strategies) to create individualised therapy plans to enable your child to overcome their challenges.